Clutch Assembly, Flywheel & Flywheel Adapter 200mm (Custom Vehicle Fitment) - Electric GT

Clutch Assembly, Flywheel & Flywheel Adapter 200mm (Custom Vehicle Fitment)


Designed Specifically to meet the needs of EV conversions and made from aircraft grade 7075 billet aluminium, this is the strongest and lightest EV Flywheel on the market!

Why do you want a lightened aluminium flywheel in your EV conversion? Simply put: this provides the quickest acceleration by reducing??rotational??mass.

Also included in the kit is a 2100lb Kennedy Stage 2 Pressure Plate, a Stage 2 ceramic clutch disc, pilot bearing, 1-1/8″ Billet Flywheel to Motor Shaft Adapter, and all the hardware needed to assemble it. Don’t forget, this also includes EGT’s expertise to help you figure out what you need for your custom conversion!

Once the order is placed Electric GT will contact you for receipt of core components.


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Quick Specs

Electric GT will contact you for information on your vehicle, and to facilitate the receipt of the necessary components after your order is placed, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us before placing your order!

This Clutch Assembly and Flywheel w flywheel to motor adapter is compatible with both the Netgain Hyper9 Motors?? and HPEVS AC Electric Motors.


?ۢEGT Custom 6 puck 200mm Ceramic long life clutch disk

?ۢKennedy 2100 lb stage II diaphragm pressure plate (200mm)

?ۢElectric GT EV lightened billet aluminum flywheel w Friction Surface

?ۢBrand new pilot bearing (Verify with EGT to custom tailor to your application)

?ۢ1 1/8″ billet flywheel to motor shaft adapter

?ۢHardware Included


EGT may request customer to supply the following:

?ۢOld clutch for spline core… does NOT have to be useable

?ۢApplication’s pressure plate for comparison

?ۢClutch fork and throw out bearing

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