Cascadia Motion SS-250-090 Single Stack Motor - Electric GT

Cascadia Motion SS-250-090 Single Stack Motor


The SS-250-090 is a powerful, durable and rugged electric motor/generator for use in on – and off-highway vehicles, power generation and other special high power demand applications.


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Quick Specs

Cascadia SS-250-090

?ۢ Peak torque 375Nm at 350/700Arms

?ۢ Peak speed 11K rpm

?ۢ Peak power above 330kW(DOM)

?ۢ Mass 47kg

?ۢ Includes Oil Pump, Sump

?ۢ Integral heat exchanger

?ۢ Peak efficiencies > 95%

?ۢ World class power density

?ۢ Typical Coolant Inlet Temperature up to 90?C

?ۢ Typical Coolant Flow Rate8 to 12 LPM

?ۢ DC Bus Voltage to 850V

?ۢ Performance curves shown at 300 Arms for SOM motor and 600 Arms for DOM motor

?ۢ Rated Peak Operating Time 60 sec

?ۢ Internally oil lubricated and cooled by Dexron VI

?ۢ Motor Rotational Inertia0.055 kg-m2

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