GTe-413 E-Crate System – Electric GT

Quick Specs

• Torque: 405 ft/lbs from 1 RPM!
• Power: 275 hp
• Max RPM: ~6500rpm
• Performance: equivalent to 400+ hp performance ICE motor
• System Voltage: 517 VDC
• Maximum Amperage: 500 amps
• Battery Capacity: 50, 75 and 100 and kWh options available
• Estimated Range: 2-3 miles per kWh subject to application
• Charger: 13kW with DC fast charging available in 2021!
• DC Converter: Fully isolated 1000 watt sealed IP67 rated (upgradable)
• Regenerative Braking: Included and preprogrammed
• 12V Electrical: Seamless integration with existing 12v electrical system
Weight Distribution: Base E-Crate “Motor Block” is appx. 500 lbs
• Battery Weight: Approximately 375 pounds per 25kWh

GTe-413 E-Crate System


Available mid-2020, currently accepting preorders

The GTe-413 Universal Plug and Play System is Electric GT’s flagship, high power dual motor Conversion System that redefines EV retrofitting. Featuring the latest in consumer EV technology, this 275hp, 405ft/lbs system will transform a wide variety of classic vehicles into EV hot rods. Performance will be roughly equivalent to an ICE engine with double the horsepower, and a range of 100-250 miles *depending on application and battery selection*. The footprint is roughly that of a conventional, modern V8, with 25kWh Energy Modules, all controllers, chargers and accessories right there under the hood.  

This system is available with a of 50, 75 and 100 kWh GTe-Energy Module configurations to best fit your application. All requisite EV infastructure and components are included. The system is bench tested and ready to run! 

Electric GT will be providing turn key fitment of the GTe-413 Systems for the following vehicles:

• GM A and F Body
• Chevrolet Corvette C2 & C3
• Classic Ford Mustang
• Early Ford Bronco
• Toyota Land Cruiser 40, 55, 60 and 70 series
• Land Rover D90 & D110
• Multiple US Classic Fullsize Pickup truck and SUVs

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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