Nissan Leaf Gen II Module – Electric GT

Quick Specs

?ۢ Cell Module/Board Parameters

?ۢ Cell Voltage: MIN 3.4V, NOMINAL 3.8V, MAX 4.15V

?ۢ Module Voltage: MIN 6.8V, NOMINAL 7.6, MAX 8.3V

?ۢ Module Amp Hours: 55???3 Ah

?ۢ Module Watt Hours: 350 Wh

?ۢ Operating Temperature: -25?C to 60?C

?ۢ Storage Temperate: -40?C to 70?C

?ۢ Dimensions: 8.75L x 1.375W x 12.625H inches

?ۢ Weight: 8.2 lbs

?ۢ Energy Density: 49 Wh/lb

Nissan Leaf Gen II Module



Electric GT’s Used Gen II Nissan Leaf modules are comprised of two lithium LiMn2O4 cells in series, creating a 7.6/8.3 V module with 350 Wh.?? ??Weighing 8.2 lbs and having a shape similar to a textbook, leaf modules can be stacked with ease to form long rectangular packs. Please read the module specifications and capacities on the spec sheets.


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