253 eCrate Motor Block

253 eCrate “Motor Block”


The eGT-253 Motor Block is an early high image complete EV motor block.  This modest 130hp, 250ft/lbs system is the forerunner of the EGT’s new 413, 313, & 213 EV systems. This package demonstrates custom build capability and engineering solutions available through EGT. 

This motor would be combined with a combination of Electric GT Energy enclosures to provide a turnkey system as it has all other components in the “block”.

Note that this is the crate motor ONLY, absent of motor mounts, transmission adapters, BMS and batteries.  Electric GT offers complete Universal and vehicle specific EV Conversion Systems for a plug-and-play installation experience.

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Quick Specs


Torque: 244 ft/lbs

Power: 153 hp

Max RPM: ~6500rpm

Performance: Feels like 300 hp

System Voltage: 100-126 VDC

Maximum Amperage: 1300 amps

Battery: Motor Block Only

Charger: 6.6kW

DC Converter: 1000 watt

Regenerative Braking: Included and preprogrammed

12V Electrical: Seamless integration with existing 12v electrical system

Motor Block Weight: Approximately 350 lbs


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