253 e-Crate “Motor Block” – Electric GT

Quick Specs


?ۢ Torque: 244 ft/lbs

?ۢ Power: 153 hp

?ۢ Max RPM: ~6500rpm

?ۢ Performance: Feels like 300 hp traditional V8

?ۢ System Voltage: 100-126 VDC

?ۢ Maximum Amperage: 1300 amps

?ۢ Battery: NOT INCLUDED

?ۢ Range: Subject to Application

?ۢ Charger: 6.6kW

?ۢ Charging Time: Subject to Battery System

?ۢ DC Converter: Fully isolated 1000 watt sealed IP67 rated (upgradable)

?ۢ Regenerative Braking: Included and preprogrammed

?ۢ 12V Electrical: Seamless ingegration with existing 12v electrical system

?ۢ Motor Block Weight: Approximately 350lbs


?ۢ Battery System: compatible with 50kWh,75kWh and 100kWH battery options

?ۢ HVAC System

?ۢ Power Steering: Electric Hydraulic or Full Electric

?ۢ Vacuum Boosted Brakes: Electric Vacuum System

?ۢ GTE Clutch assembly and custom billet adapter plate

253 e-Crate “Motor Block”



The GTe-253 Crate Motor is a complete EV motor block for the EV enthusiast who wishes to build their own EV system using Electric GT’s cutting edge E-Crate motor. This modest 130hp, 250ft/lbs of Torque system is a good fit for most vehicles under 5000lbs, with real performance roughly equivalent to an ICE engine with double the horsepower. The footprint is roughly that of a traditional V8, with all controllers, chargers and accessories right there under the hood.

This system can be combined with a combination of Electric GT Energy Modules (50kWh and up), or you can crate your own energy storage and wiring solution.

It is important to note that this is the crate motor ONLY, absent of motor mounts, transmission adapters, BMS and batteries, and is designed for the EV??enthusiast who wishes to use an Electric GT E-Crate Motor for a custom conversion. Electric GT offers complete Universal and vehicle specific EV Conversion Systems for a more plug-and-play installation experience.

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