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Welcome to Electric GT’s vision of modern classic driving. We are engineering and building solutions to repower the future with yesterday's classics. Electric GT manufactures 100% Battery Electric Vehicle powertrains for the automotive market.  EV replacement systems for ICE “8, 6 and 4 Cylinder” engines are here.... Our solutions are not just “eCrate Motors”, they are complete ICE to EV vehicle ecosystem swaps! EGT’s highly engineered & meticulously manufactured eCrate systems incorporate the latest EV technology and represent “Powered by Electric GT”. 


e-Crate Systems are complete EV Eco-System "Swap" packages designed for a variety of OE vehicles….. Our solutions integrate EV Powertrains with a vehicle's existing frame, body, driveline, suspension, and general OE designed parameters.  Electric GT integrates retro-design "eMotor Blocks" that are fully functional Plug & Play EV Systems. Everything needed to “re-power” or “Swap” is included. So, in terms that petrol heads are familiar with, it is everything in an innovative, easy to install (not build from scratch) system.

ALL requisite EV components; motors, controllers, charger(s), batteries, sensors, relays and computer systems…. are ALL built-in. EGT's e-Crate Systems are engineered for reliability and function as well as ease of installation.  Systems address Traction, Charging, Range, HVAC, Braking, Thermal Management, and Steering…. 

Next Oil change? Smog Test? 

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Electric GT’s systems derive energy from OXD-Energy Battery Modules which represent best available Lithium Ion battery chemsitry and technology. OXD Battery's modularity allows flexible configuration enabling EGT to offer a variety of engineered energy enclosure solutions (size, voltage, performance) to fit and function with a large variety of vehicles and applications. Integrated Battery and Thermal Management Systems ensure maximum performance, safety and longevity. 

OX Drive Batteries - Electric GT
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