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Welcome to Electric GT where automotive past meets the future of motoring. If it is cool and classic and has a steering wheel, we love it! But let’s face it, weekend driving, not to mention daily driving is mechanically problematic. Performance and reliability of older vehicles is insufficient for modern driving conditions. Fossil fuels are on the way out and classic cars are as popular as ever. So how do you keep those vintage rides relevant? Electrification!

The spark igniting Electric GT’s Mission to Electrify Classics started in 2014 with the salvation of a 1978 Ferrari 308 that had burst into fuel flames. A 40 year old Classic was reborn and back on the road, faster, more reliable, incredibly fun and….. daily driveable! Our experience yielded a road to electrification for millions of pre-1990’s Classics.

Populating the Roads with Electrified Classics is easy with Electric GT Systems. We provide Plug & Play EV Conversion Systems. Think EV Eco System-Swap designed for easy installation without special High Voltage knowledge. Hit the road with Electric GT.

eGT Systems

Electric GT simplifies EV Conversions of Classics from complicated one-off builds to “run of the mill” drop in e-motor swaps! Our systems deliver an entire EV Eco-System in an easy to install conversion package with everything needed to drive. De-ICE: Pull the stock engine, cooling, fuel tank, exhaust and bolt in Electric GT's e-Crate System to the factory drivetrain. Electric GT provides solutions to address vehicle specific adapters, power steering, brakes, instrumentation and climate control.

Electric GT’s Crate Motor Systems are pre-assembled, bench tested, and supported during the installation process. Our systems make for an easy installation by qualified mechanics, home garage experts and fabricators. Manuals and technical support are provided to help to electrify your projects.

MS3.1 Builds


Builds at Electric GT enable fitment and application e-Crate Plug & Play Systems for a variety of vehicles. Our philosophy is designed to deliver an alternative to current LS, Mopar and Coyote Engine Swaps via an EV System that ANY facility can install without special EV knowledge. Vehicle Specific Systems are developed and refined through our “shop” builds so we can pass along the system and intelligent instruction!

Electric GT offers 8, 6 & 4 Cylinder e-Crate ICE replacement systems, custom engineered, designed and built systems, and EV component sales. Check out our builds and let us  know how we can help you!

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