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Help People in Need by Entering to Win This Tesla-Powered Electric Ford Bronco

In case you’ve never heard of it, Big League Impact is a foundation set up by Major League Baseball players that contributes to many humanitarian causes, including the just-announced Home Plate Project, which plans to provide more than four million meals to students whose free lunches were affected by COVID-19 school closures. If you want…

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Gateway Bronco Omaze

Gateway Electric Ford Bronco Redesign & Giveaway by Omaze

The Ford Bronco will always carry a special place in pop culture in America. The rugged truck not only looks good, the people at Gateway Bronco have taken a vintage model of the Bronco and made it even more storied. That means they gave it an electric motor and other upgrades to make it new, and charitable….

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IEEE Top 2020 Cars

2020 Top 10 High Tech Cars

In 2019, the auto industry finally started acting like its future was electric. How do we know? Just follow the money. General Motors just announced it was spending US $20 billion over five years to bring out a new generation of electric vehicles. Volkswagen Group has pledged $66 billion spread over five years, most of it for electric…

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This is one high quality off-roader all-electric conversion that will also keep you cool

FEB 28, 2020 at 1:54PM By: Andrei Nedelea This is one high quality off-roader all-electric conversion that will also keep you cool You may know about Vintage Air as the company Jay Leno always promotes when mentions adding air conditioning to classic cars that didn’t have it from the factory. Well, now the company has been was asked to help…

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Turn any (Classic) vehicle into an EV with Electric GT’s crate motor conversion kit

Conversion shops are the bespoke tailors of the EV world – maverick motorheads who craft custom creations for the wealthiest of car lovers. The California company Electric GT has created a “crate motor” that’s designed to make it easier for professional converters or even ambitious home mechanics to electrify vintage ICE vehicles. New York Times reporter Lawrence Ulrich…

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Will electric powertrains save the manual gearbox?

Electric GT has developed a modular electric crate motor, put it into several vehicles and is installing it in a classic Toyota FJ, a Ford Mustang and a Pontiac Firebird as proof of technology for an electric powertrain that might be installed in any vintage vehicle, and already is taking “pre-orders” for the system. The…

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Exclusive: Hands on with the world’s first electric crate motor

LS swaps are so hot right now. Name a car, and you’re a two-second Google search away from finding images of the ubiquitous Chevy V8 shoved into an unsuspecting chassis. Any car you’re thinking about, it has already been done. I appreciate the desire that leads one to swap motors in their vehicle. While huge…

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Is This All-Electric Vintage Land Cruiser Brilliant, Or Bizarre?

Vintage off-road vehicles may be the most charming cars on the road, and the prices painstakingly-restored versions can command testify to that fact. But your Land Cruisers, Defenders, Broncos and Jeep CJs all come with a significant drawback: they are woefully fuel-inefficient, and that isn’t improving with age. Los Angeles-based electric car creator and modifier Electric GT, the builders of the first all-electric Ferrari, hope…

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ELECTRIC GT EV CRATE MOTOR Enthusiasts have long purchased crate motors as an exciting way to boost their car’s performance. Electric GT is now offering a “crate motor” that’s totally electric. Built to pair with manual transmissions, it includes everything needed to convert a car to electric — motors, controllers, chargers, sensors, relays, and computer systems…

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An Electric Motor That Works in Any Classic Car

Anyone who’s owned a vintage car can tell you—and boy, will they tell you—how much time, money, and maintenance is required to keep their baby running. And don’t forget the gasoline, garage oil puddles, or tailpipe pollution involved. A California startup may have the answer: A plug-and-play innovative motor to convert that finicky old gas-guzzler…

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Out: M.P.G. In: Kilowatt-Hours. Classic Cars Get an Electric Jolt.

By Lawrence Ulrich CHATSWORTH, Calif. — A vintage Fiat 124 Spider — so pretty you could pinch its little orange cheeks — accelerates up a canyon road in the San Fernando Valley. But there’s something strange about this Pininfarina-designed Italian roadster. First, it feels downright peppy as it chugs uphill. And there’s actually no “chugging,” but…

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Electric ‘V-8’ Crate Motor From Electric GT Is SEMA Swap-Ready

Laws are becoming more stringent for internal combustion engines. Whether they concern a car’s emissions, fuel consumption, or fire safety, the day of the internal combustion engine is coming to a close. What, though, does that mean for the world’s classic cars? What does that mean for the enthusiast hobby? Does the advent of electricity…

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This company is making a V8-sized EV-conversion ‘crate motor’ for classic cars

According to a report published recently by Green Car Reports, a company called Electric GT wants to take the complicated part out of that equation. Specifically, it’s working on a modular “crate” style system for EV conversion. What we mean when we talk about crate style is that it’s similar to the way that many aftermarket…

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First electric Ferrari faster than original: ‘It absolutely decimated it

(CNN)Purists may be horrified by the thought of an electric Ferrari, but can speed win them over? After thousands of hours of restoring and modernizing one of Ferrari’s luxury sports car, Californian Eric Hutchison accomplished the unthinkable and created the very first — and, as it turns out, fastest — electric 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS….

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Whispering Horse: 1978 Ferrari 308 Electric

Whispering Horse in Arizona. This 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS fell victim to an engine bay fuel leak that resulted in the loss of its 2.9 liter V8 and much of the rear bodywork in a subsequent fire. The car has since been acquired by SoCal-based Electric GT, who have not only restored it, but also fitted…

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