Autoevolution to Marchionne: Eat Your Heart Out - Electric GT

Autoevolution to Marchionne: Eat Your Heart Out

We may not have been the ones to say it, but we’re glad the guys over at Autoevolution did!

For some, this is a blasphemy and a sacrilege, while others will drool at the possibility of driving one of these legendary vehicles with zero guilt – which only goes to show you can never please everyone….Even if you don’t fully agree with the conversion, it’s worth pointing out that the 308 GTS would have ended up in the dumpster had Electric GT not jumped in to rescue it.

This is such a big part of why the 308GTE came to be: there’s a place for it in the auto world. There are purists and there are innovators; early adopters and those reluctant to embrace change. Generally these groups have not experienced a lot of crossover, but as technology continues to evolve, we think you’ll see a lot more.

Check out the full autoevolution article here.


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