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EV Design & Engineering

Electric GT infuses amazing retro-design concepts into a fully functional product line of Plug & Play EV systems that enhance vehicle presentation and performance. Everything needed to “re-power” or “Swap” is included and ready to install. So, in terms that petrol heads are familiar with, it is everything in an innovative, easy to install, “Motor Block” including the Energy Modules. So let’s break that down a little, it has ALL the requisite EV components needed to be 100% Electric; motors, controllers, charger(s), batteries, sensors, relays and computer systems ALL built-in. Our Gte-Crate Systems are engineered for reliable electric performance and near zero maintenance. Additionally, options like electric AC Compressors, Heaters, thermal management and other auxiliary equipment are available. Next Oil change? Smog Test? Never again!

GTe-Systems are complete Electric Vehicle Eco-Systems! They deliver turn-key conversion solutions inclusive of everything needed to convert a vehicle from Internal Combustion (ICE) to 100% electric. All GTe-Systems include a base level of energy modules (Think Batteries Included).

e-Motor Block

e-GT's “Motor Block” employs industry leading design, engineering, & components all tied together with a central VCU. Motor(s) and Controller(s) are reliable, easy to use, and come with fully programmable software. Batteries, Charger(s), Battery Management System(s) (BMS), DC Converter (Think Alternator), Cooling System, HV Distribution Center, Heating and Air Conditioning components are integrated into our Systems. Electric braking solutions are addressed as well and all Systems include regenerative braking. The “block” bolts right up to the manual transmission. Bolt-in motor mounts with all the necessary hardware make our vehicle specific systems complete.

Systems are pre-assembled and tested before shipping so you know it works right out of the box. If you want to discuss options let us know. Power Steering? More Power? More Range? No Problem.

Transmission & Drivetrain

e-Crate Systems rely upon the vehicles existing driveline and are currently designed around powering manual transmissions. Mating GTe-Systems to an existing classic vehicles drivetrain is easy via billet adapters. Clutch and flywheel assemblies attached to the motor via a coupler and slide right into the bell housing when “swapped”. Check out our FAQ HERE regarding why we favor manual transmissions and review “Stock vs New” and “Rebuilding vs “Upgrading”.

How do you drive a “manual” EV? For starters, you don't clutch off the line! It is a “Hybrid” driving experience combining the ease of an automatic with the drivability of a manual. Driving in 2nd or 3rd gear is enough for around town without shifting. For those that still like to bang through gears, don’t worry all the fun is still intact. Or just cruise in one gear without clutching or shifting. Braking without using the clutch is great too…. EV’s don't stall.

Battery Systems

Energy (Battery) Modules are designed to by Plug & Play power sources. BMS and Thermal Management are integrated into the modules to provide a long, safe battery life. Battery Enclosures come ready for installation. Run HV and signal harness and then simply plug into respective connectors. When we say Plug and Play that is what we mean!

EGT offers a variety of energy solutions (Battery Size) to address various vehicle applications. Only so much battery weight can reasonably fit into each classic! So our GTe-Energy Modules come in a variety of sizes and provide a good base package range with options for “range extension”*. We aim to balance the weight distribution and minimize the impact of installation as much as possible. Our Systems are designed to best suit the intended vehicle without weight overload. Energy Modules offer a variety of range options for vehicles.


Charging your eGT-System is a snap and you can charge anywhere around town, work or home. Smart On-Board Charging accepts standard Level 2 input via J1772 at 110-240v. The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) provides active cell level management to ensure Energy Module longevity. Charge rates range from 3kW-12kW. DC Fast charging at 50kW+ is an option in 2021! Charge times are subject to battery size. For example, an “empty” 50kWh battery, using a 6kW on-board charger will take about 8 hours (50kWh divided by 6kW=8.3 hours). Daily driving ranges are extended with intermittent charging about town and rarely do average drivers charge from “empty”. On-board charging typically accommodates overnight charge capability. (though faster charging can be added). Range varies per project however, an approximation of 2 - 3 miles per kWh can be used to estimate range. These estimates are subject to vehicle weight, temperatures and driving conditions. Ready to get charged up with an electrified classic?

Electric Classic Car


Custom build? Proprietary system design requirement? Special purpose or race project? Unique branded product development? Electric GT Engineering Solutions has you covered.

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