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Convert Any V8-Powered Vehicle Into an EV With Electric GT’s 413 e-Crate

Climate change is happening, that’s an undeniable fact, and the increasing number of extreme weather events like hurricanes or unprecedented wildfires bears witness to that. In response, the automotive industry is accelerating the development of all-electric vehicles, and lawmakers all around the world are pushing for legislation that would ban ICEs from public roads in the near future. For those who own or restore classic vehicles, an alternative that is environmentally friendly and allows the use of classic rides on public roads involves replacing the conventional powertrains with electric motors. One such alternative tailored specifically for V8-powered vehicles comes from the California-based company Electric GT.

The complete plug and play 413 e-crate system promises to redefine EV retrofitting by offering an OEM quality package that can be installed without certified high-voltage assembly knowledge. It is wonderfully designed to resemble a conventional small-block V8 and fits within the LS size “footprint” for easy installation using the available OEM or aftermarket mounts. It features one liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor that produces 275 hp (205 kW; 279 PS) and 406 lb-ft of torque, which is instantly available. The coolest feature of this system is it can be matted to the car’s manual transmission, a big part of what defines the driving experience of a classic car. Clutch operation is only needed when shifting gears, and other than that, the car will feel the same – except it will be a lot faster thanks to the instant power delivery of the electric motor.

The electric “motor block” integrates 12 OX Drive battery modules each with a capacity of 2.22 kWh for 25 kWh which is additionally paired with 25+ kWH in additional modular style battery enclosures.

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