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CNN Features Electric GT’s 78 Ferrari conversion project

“The World’s Quietest 308” may be an abomination to some, but we definitely take it as a compliment! Those who are petrol purists may at first shake their heads at the idea of a Ferrari without its well-known engine roar, but this article helps highlight the (all-too-common) fuel fire that led this particular 308 to ElectricGT in the first place, which some folks overlook. CNN’s Matthew Knight also gives a shout out to the Ferrari Chat community – which is well deserved. When you get into this, you suddenly find this great group of people to learn from, and Ferrari Chat has been an awesome place for us over here at Electric GT! It is worth noting that the Torque and power are nearly double the OEM car… which somehow slipped into reverse in the CNN article. Check out the Current Specifications Page and Stay tuned for the 50kWh pack that will double the range addicting only about 150 lbs to the car!

Check out the full article on CNN here.

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