Electric ‘V-8’ Crate Motor From Electric GT Is SEMA Swap-Ready

Laws are becoming more stringent for internal combustion engines. Whether they concern a car’s emissions, fuel consumption, or fire safety, the day of the internal combustion engine is coming to a close. What, though, does that mean for the world’s classic cars? What does that mean for the enthusiast hobby? Does the advent of electricity mean we have to take up—shudder—knitting? According to Electric GT, no. Check out The Drive Article Here

While we’ve seen our fair share of electric swaps using TeslaNissan, and Chevrolet electric motors, aftermarket California outfit Electric GT has something we’ve yet to encounter. Constructed in the company’s Chatsworth headquarters, Electric GT created a drop-in electric motor that resembles the gas-guzzling V-8s enthusiasts will likely have to remove from their car’s engine bay soon.

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