Is This All-Electric Vintage Land Cruiser Brilliant, Or Bizarre?

Vintage off-road vehicles may be the most charming cars on the road, and the prices painstakingly-restored versions can command testify to that fact. But your Land CruisersDefendersBroncos and Jeep CJs all come with a significant drawback: they are woefully fuel-inefficient, and that isn’t improving with age.

Los Angeles-based electric car creator and modifier Electric GT, the builders of the first all-electric Ferrari, hope to address that issue with electric modular crate engines. Their first build, nearing completion, is a 1970 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser.

In effect, Electric GT will 3D-scan the engine bay and create an electric engine that mimics the size and shape (if not the noise) of the original. The unit will be designed to interact with the stock components the way the stock engine would have. (For example, for the 1970 FJ40, it will still use the three-speed column shifter.)

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