Laguna Seca Re-Fuel Races 2016 ReCap - Electric GT

Laguna Seca Re-Fuel Races 2016 ReCap

Laguna Seca Re-Fuel Race hosted by Speed Ventures ReFuel Electric Car Races   was a fantastic event. The Electric Ferrari ran really well and placed third in the Converted car category with a respectable time considering amateur driving status! Check out the results here.

Refuel Cars B Turn 6 (Session 1) ACS_4036_May2216_by_ZW-CaliPhoto  IMG_1884

The suspension demonstrated the outstanding performance of this car as upgraded. It was like running on rails through the corners. Astronomical handling is about all we can say to sum it up! Even experienced EV expert and edrive train brain Michael Bream drove the C*%& out of the converted 308 GTE in the bonus session and was really impressed with the handling!  Being part of a the conversion class vs the OEM class was particularly special. There was that odd feeling that something was missing with our entry, like gas? IMG_1836 Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.26.58 PM

We would have more footage but were limited as we were contributing to the Discovery Channel filming effort dual between the 1965 VW Truck and the converted 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS. We are awaiting the story to come out and will post more when we have an update.

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