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These Electric ‘Crate Motors’ Will Keep Engine Swaps Alive

Electric cars aren’t yet easy. They’re expensive, their batteries aren’t as energy-dense as we need them to be, and public charging infrastructure is sparse. Once all of that improves, the path to mass EV adoption becomes clearer—but for the moment we’re waiting for the technology to get better.

Electric swaps for fossil-fuel cars follow a similar path. People have been putting EV drivetrains in old cars for years, making their classics quick, quiet, and emissions free. But it’s not easy work, and you tend to imagine it being pulled off by mad geniuses. Which is where the people at California’s Electric GT come in. They are those mad geniuses. Except they’re not interested in simply converting classics to electric power. They want to help you do it yourself. “All we’re trying to do is basically go in as another option to a [V-8] swap,” founder Eric Hutchinson says. “We want to play in the rules of that game.”

Hutchinson backed his way into this nascent industry. A commercial real-estate broker by trade, he purchased a fire-damaged Ferrari 308 from a Copart auction several years ago. “It was toasted and it smelled like shit,” he says.

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