1964 Electric Bug - Electric GT

1964 Electric Bug

Custom 1964 VW E-Rat Rod VW Type 1 Bug is available from Electric GT.

Check out the bug at The Samba HERE, Limited sale opportunity to get a whole car for less that a kit price!!!

One of a kind just completed project and it features advanced electric car designs. It is a RAW look combined with the advanced electric power package hiding a completely new Pan, Drive Train, Suspension, Power Plant and Tesla batteries!  This car is very fast and incredibly easy to drive. Every single electric component is visible inspiring discussion and interest. The E-Rat bug hides nothing and this car gets major thumbs up. It has undergone a total mechanical re-build. Perfect Pan, Slammed Suspension, Custom EV West Bug Conversion worth more than $35K! Drive “as is” trouble free for years to come  Want to change the look? No problem…. the foundation is perfect.  People go nuts over seeing it as is. No more tune ups, oil changes, nothing. Anything mechanical is stock and easy to fix down the road. It is bout 130 HP (gas equivalent). Think fast, reliable and drive every day!

Easy for the every day non-tech driver and we can always help with any questions or technical support! Say good bye to gas and burn some tires and electrons! A fantastic investment for years to come and make a point with an awesome VW!

IMG_6167Exterior Motor Bay
Specs and Features: (Additional info Spec sheet here).

Vehicle Weight: 1830lbs
AC Induction motor (Zero maintenance)

HP: 90 Electric (About 130 HP gas equivalent)
Range: 140 miles per charge (Chargeable at any J1772 Level 1 or 2 Station or direct plug in. $3-4 for a total charge)
Charge time: Overnight 2.5 kWhr charger can be doubled to 5 kWhr to 1/2 the charge time)
Battery: 30kWhr Lithium Ion (Tesla Battery Modules mounted under the seats for low center of gravity & Expandable)
Charger: Onboard 120-240v (Charge station of direct plug in)
Regenerative braking (minimal use on brakes)
Top Speed: 120mph (forward or reverse!) Polarity reverse insanity!
0-60: 8.2 sec
Electric Conversion: EV West custom (tech Troy Churchill) and check his site on EV Build too.

4 wheel disc brakes
Custom fabricated lowering plates
Custom narrowed front end
Dropped spindles with German bushings
12v Wiring completely overhauled
2 speed transmission (Custom one of a kind) with coated syncros, super differential and heavy duty racing axles
Powder coated Rally super sport wheels
Stanced tire package
Custom lightweight racing seats
Heavy duty torsion bar suspension system.
Very straight and clean original body

Contact to discuss, test drive, or check it out. One bad ass ride that gets a-lot of attention! it is the Custom 1964 VW E-Rat Rod VW Type 1 Bug.


Interior Driver 2 Interior Driver Space Wheel CamberTelsa Pack - rear view

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