1978 Ferrari 308 GTS Goes to Auction - Gas - Electric GT

1978 Ferrari 308 GTS Goes to Auction – Gas

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This 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS is a largely original example with just over 77k miles that is powered by its factory 2.9L V8 with four twin-choke Weber 40DCNF carburetors. The seller purchased the car in 2014 from a San Diego Ferrari enthusiast who acquired it from the Linn Jones estate in 1993 and kept it warehoused for the last 21 years. The seller intended to convert the car to electric power, but realized it was too mechanically and cosmetically original to go through with the project. The car was warehoused at Ace Motor Sports for the last two years until it was recently taken out of storage and given a thorough inspection and clean up costing over $1k. The engine starts and runs and all of the other systems are operable, though a compression test showed only 59-61 psi on all eight cylinders due to its long period of storage. The smog equipment is not intact and the car will not pass a California smog test in its current condition. The exterior and interior need attention as well, but this GTS would make a good starting point for a restoration project. The car has been registered as non-operational for some time and carries a California title in the seller’s name. A photo album is here


The seller has already performed another 1978 308 salvaged title restoration and electric conversion with his company Electric GT but he said he had to build a best car speakers strategy for this car. After noticing that almost all of the original parts were intact in the engine and cockpit, he decided not to go through with the conversion on this car, and instead is offering it in hopes that an enthusiast will conduct a restoration.


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