Electric Crate Motors Allow Anybody to Swap Out a Combustion Engine - Electric GT

Electric Crate Motors Allow Anybody to Swap Out a Combustion Engine

There is a growing desire for the electrification of the automotive industry. That move has taken greater intensity since Tesla proved that electric cars can be possible for the masses and not be ugly. But, that interest in electric cars also bleeds through to the supporting industry, such as repair, restoration, and custom shops. They also have customers that want to change to electric power. Now, there’s a company making swap out conversion kits, the equivalent of electric crate motors.

For decades, repair, restoration, and custom shops have been able to dial up Chevy, Ford, or Chrysler and order up crate engines. So, if a customer needed an engine replacement, the shop could order it and have it delivered traditionally in a crate, or on a palette. Hence, the term crate engine.

Electric car shops, however, have a more complex problem. That industry is in its infancy. So, crate options have not really made the big news yet. Also, the demand has not been there yet to create crate kits when compared to internal combustion engines. Additionally, the electrification industry parts suppliers are still testing to find out which components are more reliable than others. While there have been a few kits here or there, they still require a lot of trial and error for installation and may have some components that are questionable in reliability.


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