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IEEE 2020 top 10

2020 TOP 10 HIGH TECH CARS – IEEE Spectrum

Vintage-car aficionados love to grouse about the time and money it takes to keep their babies running. Electric GT has a better idea: Skip ahead a century. The California company has developed an ingenious plug-and-play “crate motor” that transplants an electric heart into most any vintage gasoline car. I drove an orange 1982 Fiat 124 Spider that Electric GT converted…

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nyt katskills

Embracing Vintage Cars in the Catskills w Electric GT’s Systems

    By Brett Berk July 29, 2021, 6:00 a.m. ET The driving season in the Catskills is quite short, abbreviated by snow and salt in the long winters and a spring rainy season that can sometimes feel endless. But now that it’s the heart of summer, and people can mingle again, Jared Lamanna wants to provide…

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additive manufacturing

Changing the Electric Vehicle Game with Additive Manufacturing – Meet ELECTRIC GT

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING OF ELECTRIC VEHICLE COMPONENTS Usually, when visiting any kind of auto shop, we think of loud engines, dirty cars, and the smell of gas. Visiting Brock Winberg and his company Electric GT is anything but, and we are surprised to find a high-end customization facility filled with rare cars which have gone through, or…

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eGT 413

Convert Any V8-Powered Vehicle Into an EV With Electric GT’s 413 e-Crate

Climate change is happening, that’s an undeniable fact, and the increasing number of extreme weather events like hurricanes or unprecedented wildfires bears witness to that. In response, the automotive industry is accelerating the development of all-electric vehicles, and lawmakers all around the world are pushing for legislation that would ban ICEs from public roads in…

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Engine builder magazine


Electric cars are nothing new. EEV’s have been around for more than 100 years, but the internal combustion engine won the race for mass consumption because of Henry Ford and the Model T. However, EVs are coming back into fashion. Folks like Elon Musk of Tesla are betting big on EVs, and so are the…

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Hot Cars

These People Converted Their Cars Into EVs… And They Are Awesome

It’s becoming increasingly popular to convert old classic cars into futuristic electric cars, and the trend does have a lot going for it! Electric vehicles undoubtedly hold the key to the future of automobiles, however, it seems they can unlock the past as well. With automobile restoration becoming increasingly problematic due largely to the difficulty in finding a…

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The Rise Of ‘Restomod’: These Companies Are Bringing Vintage Cars Into The Future

In the chequered history of portmanteaus,“restomod” has to be one of the less successful examples — it’s definitely no “brunch” — but the restored and modified car scene it describes has been going from strength to strength in recent years. The concept is pretty alluring: take a vintage car and all the great things that…

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Road & Track

These Electric ‘Crate Motors’ Will Keep Engine Swaps Alive

Electric cars aren’t yet easy. They’re expensive, their batteries aren’t as energy-dense as we need them to be, and public charging infrastructure is sparse. Once all of that improves, the path to mass EV adoption becomes clearer—but for the moment we’re waiting for the technology to get better. Electric swaps for fossil-fuel cars follow a similar…

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Enthusiasts have long purchased crate motors as an exciting way to boost their car’s performance. Electric GT is now offering a “crate motor” that’s totally electric. Built to pair with manual transmissions, it includes everything needed to convert a car to electric — motors, controllers, chargers, sensors, relays, and computer systems — in a single…

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motorious article

Electric Crate Motors Allow Anybody to Swap Out a Combustion Engine

There is a growing desire for the electrification of the automotive industry. That move has taken greater intensity since Tesla proved that electric cars can be possible for the masses and not be ugly. But, that interest in electric cars also bleeds through to the supporting industry, such as repair, restoration, and custom shops. They also have customers that…

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Has America saved the manual using electricity?

Yeah, that headline is a bit strange but it’s true. You no longer have to sacrifice the pleasure of rowing your own gears if you want to drive an electric vehicle.Well, if you have enough spare cash. Check out the article HERE. There’s an American outfit called Electric GT that offers conversion kits for classic cars like the…

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These EV Transmission Adapters Give You More Options For Electric Motor Swaps

Electric GT has done some cool EV-swap projects for old cars. The outfit’s probably best known for building the electric manual-shift Ferrari that made the rounds a few years ago. Now its offerings are expanding to enable more electric retrofits for a wider range of classics. You can order full electric-car conversions for a range of cool vehicles from…

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gateway omaze

Help People in Need by Entering to Win This Tesla-Powered Electric Ford Bronco

In case you’ve never heard of it, Big League Impact is a foundation set up by Major League Baseball players that contributes to many humanitarian causes, including the just-announced Home Plate Project, which plans to provide more than four million meals to students whose free lunches were affected by COVID-19 school closures. If you want…

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Gateway Bronco Omaze

Gateway Electric Ford Bronco Redesign & Giveaway by Omaze

The Ford Bronco will always carry a special place in pop culture in America. The rugged truck not only looks good, the people at Gateway Bronco have taken a vintage model of the Bronco and made it even more storied. That means they gave it an electric motor and other upgrades to make it new, and charitable….

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IEEE Top 2020 Cars

2020 Top 10 High Tech Cars

In 2019, the auto industry finally started acting like its future was electric. How do we know? Just follow the money. General Motors just announced it was spending US $20 billion over five years to bring out a new generation of electric vehicles. Volkswagen Group has pledged $66 billion spread over five years, most of it for electric…

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