The World's First Electrified Ferrari 308 is for Sale - Electric GT

The World’s First Electrified Ferrari 308 is for Sale

1978 Ferrari 308 GTS that’s been professionally converted to electric power is heading to auction this month.

The car had suffered extensive fire damage from a fuel leak, destroying the carbureted 2.9-liter V-8 it originally came with. A California company that converts classic cars to electric power then purchased it, repaired the damage, upgraded many parts, and turned it into an EV. The company, Electric GT in San Diego, had never before worked on a Ferrari, but the result is impressive—even if it’ll give some purists fits.

The re-imagined GTS is now called GTE for its electric power. It has a Porsche-sourced five-speed in place of its original gated shifter and is powered by three electric motors.

The GTE is nearly silent, with none of the soulful sounds of the stock car’s gas engine. Otherwise, though, this is a great-looking and extremely enticing restomod. Electric GT lists horsepower as 330, up 93 on U.S.-spec 308s from the era. With the instantaneous torque of electric power, the company says the car can now reach 60 miles per hour in five seconds and top out above 180—both figures significantly better than stock. Range is estimated at over 130 miles with a full charge.

Last year, on Top Gear America, mute racing drone The Stig compared the GTE against a stock(ish) 1978 Ferrari 308 with shocking results. The EV circled the 1.5-mile Speed Vegas track in Nevada in only 1:16.43 minutes, nearly 10 seconds faster than the gas version.
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