Pure awesomeness: Top 10 EV classic car conversions - Electric GT

Pure awesomeness: Top 10 EV classic car conversions

“Electric GT’s Ferrari 308 conversion ranks #1 Classic Car Conversion” – DGIT Daily: A fuel leak and subsequent fire pretty much consigned this Ferrari 308 GTS, the Magnum PI car, to an early grave. Then San Diego-based Electric GT got hold of it and it rose again like a Phoenix from the ashes.

The molten V8 made way for a triple electric HPEVS AC51 motor that provided 330lb/ft of torque. Just for reference, that’s twice as much as the original 308 and it also packs 345kW of power, too, which roughly equates to 465bhp. That’s modern Ferrari territory.

That was mated to a 30kWh battery that provides 100 miles of range. The company could have given it more, but it wanted to retain the integrity of the driving experience and keep the conversion as lightweight as possible.

It also comes with a manual gearbox, a Porsche G50 5-speed that was chosen for its slick shift and ability to handle the extra torque.

The 308 GTS is a car from a bygone era, when a man could wear a moustache and Hawaiian shirt and still be considered super cool. An electric power plant has turned this car into a modern day legend and we’d love to see more of them on the road.

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