308 GTE - Electric GT

308 GTE

1978 Ferrari 308 GTS


0 to 62.5 MPH


Horse Power

Top Speed

Curb Weight




4.8 seconds

330 ft/lbs

220 Horse Power / 164 kW

185 mph

3,495 lbs

47 kWh

135 miles

Custom Racing + Regen

The Story

The Electric 308 GTE build exemplifies and demonstrates Electric GT’s custom engineering and build program. The Ferrari 308 GTS project started with a fire salvaged titled 308 rescued from becoming bottle caps and washing machine parts. The Salvaged 308 went on to be featured on Top Gear America and be raced by The Stig against an original petrol 308 where it commanded a 10 second lead on a 1.5 mile track lap. Barrett Jackson successfully auctioned the e-308 and it is living in the fast lane…. Without any need for expensive regular “maintenance”.

The 308 Build featured triple HPEVS AC-51 motors mounted in a V-8 block configuration. The triple motor block is packaged in a billet motor assembly and is powered by 3 Curtis 1239 AC Controllers. Suspension was upgraded to include racing control bars, QA-1 Coil-Overs, custom Giro Disk braking system, and a CNC racing pedal block. The 308 doubled its performance demonstrating the benefits of e-Power in performance vehicles. Have a high end custom or performance project? Let us know.

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