E-Stang - Electric GT


1966 Ford Mustang


0 to 62.5 MPH


Horse Power

Top Speed

Curb Weight




8 seconds

235 ft/lbs

134 hp / 100 kW

118 mph

3,543 lbs

38 kWh

3.3 miles/kWh*

OEM + Regenerative

The Story

The e-Stang project is an early concept EV conversion build that delivered a reliable Mustang with good performance and range. The build quality demonstrates EGT’s high standards and served as a R&D platform for the next generation EGT Plug & Play system.

Electric GT’s e-Stang has evolved to the GTe-353 System which will provide an excellent performance classic Mustang. The GTe-353 driving experience feels like an ICE 375 HP Mustang and has up to 150 miles range with the base 50 kWh energy module. The vehicle is also well balanced (front to rear weight) vehicle very close to original weight. The GTe-353 is designed to fit within a Coyote footprint and fit a wide variety of classic cars.

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