VW Type 20 - Electric GT

VW Type 20

1962 VW Bus


0 to 62.5 MPH


Horse Power

Top Speed

Curb Weight




8 seconds

173 ft/lbs

120 HP / 90 kW

100+ mph

2,632 lbs

Custom: (Options 25/35/50 kWh)

3 Miles/kWh

Disk and Regenerative

The Story

Volkswagen’s IECC group contracted EGT to engineer, resto-mod, and e-convert the ‘Type 20” custom concept Type 2 bus platform for technology demonstration.  Electric GT converted the Type 20 with the GTe-173 System. EGT provided several custom engineered solutions to address a multiple client builds specifications. In addition to an all new electric power & drivetrain, the Type 20 incorporates a customized Porsche air suspension system, disk brake conversion, 12kW of 12v power, custom interior/exterior, and many regenerative design features. This project highlights many of EGT’s custom EV engineering, design and build capabilities.

The GTe-173 system delivers an excellent modular EV package for the VW Bus. The system is compatible with several modular energy/range options as well: 25/35/50 kWh. All EV related modifications are designed around fitting the system with minimal impact to the classic vehicle itself and parlays upon the existing drivetrain.

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