Electric Spider - Electric GT

Electric Spider

1982 Fiat 124 Spider


0 to 62.5 MPH


Horse Power

Top Speed

Curb Weight




6.9 seconds

173 ft/lbs

120 hp / 90 kW

120 mph

2,390 lbs

25 kWh (optional 36kW)

3.2 miles/kWh*

OEM + Regenerative

The Story

EGT’s Electric Fiat 124 Spider marquee project involved total restoration and conversion of a 1982 Fiat 124 Spider. The GTe-173 System brings reliable, increased performance via an Electric Eco-System swap to the classic Fiat. The driving experience is enhanced with approximately 150% Horse-Power and nearly 200% torque. The e-Crate Powertrain mates with the OEM manual transmission and utilizes the original drivetrain. How does it drive you ask? Fantastic! Cruise in 2nd or 3rd in town without shifting or open it up and push through the gears for some old style manual sport shifting.

The GTe-173 system is a turn-key electric conversion package that delivers a suitable EV Eco-System Swap for a range of vehicles in the weight range generally under 3,500 lbs.

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