Electric FJ-40 - Electric GT

Electric FJ-40

1970 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40


0 to 62.5 MPH


Horse Power

Top Speed

Curb Weight




7.9 seconds

253 ft/lbs

140 hp / 105 kW

80+ mph

3,670 lbs

36 kWh

Est. 2 miles/kWh*

OEM + Regenerative

The Story

This “E”J-40 Project utilizes a GTe-253 System and a moderate sized energy module by specification & design. It is a custom requirement build and and direct predecessor to the GTe-353 System for FJ’s going forward with 35% more power and 50 kWh base energy! The e-Crate System utilizes a “Plug & Play” high image “motor” block” incorporating all requisite EV Eco-System components that “dropped in” to a recipient vehicle. The block mates directly to the OEM Bell housing and drives the existing OEM 4×4 driveline. Estimated installation of the pre-built and bench tested GTe-Systems is estimated to be 50-60 hours. 

The successive GTe-353 System expands upon the GTe-253 system and offers both increased power and range. The 353 system provides a “natural” weight distribution in the vehicle and sets an excellent base EV performance bar for electric 4×4 conversions. With 50kWh of energy, expandable in 25kWh increments, and 240HP/350Ft-Lbs, this package will perform/ feel like a 375HP ICE system, without much in the way of maintenance. This is the new face of daily driving classics.

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