1966-1985 Fiat 124 Spider - Electric GT

Quick Specs

?ۢ Torque: 173 ft/lbs

?ۢ Power: 120 hp

?ۢ Max RPM: ~6500rpm

?ۢ Performance: equivalent to 200-225 hp performance ICE motor

?ۢ System Voltage: 100-126 VDC

?ۢ Maximum Amperage: 750 amps

?ۢ Battery Capacity: 25

?ۢ Estimated Range: ~3 miles per kWh (depending on application)

?ۢ Charger: 3.3kW Charger (upgradable to 6.6kW of charging)

?ۢ Charging Rate: 3.3kW per hour (7-10 hours full charge)

?ۢ DC Converter: Fully isolated 1000 watt sealed IP67 rated (upgradeable)

?ۢ HVAC options available, contact for more info

?ۢ Brake booster electric vacuum pump included

?ۢ Regenerative brake included and preprogrammed

?ۢ New Motor and Transmission Mounts included to recenter driveline

?ۢ GTe-Clutch assembly included. Includes lightened billet flywheel, steel motor to flywheel adapter, custom clutch, and stage II pressure plate.F124 flywheel and adapters included for use with factory clutch assembly. 200mm clutch assembly compatible with factory manual transmissions.

?ۢ Maintains existing drive line, including transmission, driveshafts and differential

?ۢ Integrates with existing 12v electrical system

?ۢ Energy Module mounts in trunk… with room to spare for a useable trunk!

1966-1985 Fiat 124 Spider



The Classic Fiat 124 Spider is a quintessential Italian sports car with an instantly recognizable design. Its engaging driving dynamics and fun factor are hard to beat. It is also plagued by reliability issues to the point of being impractical outside of weekend driving. Electric GT’s System for Classic Fiat 124 Spiders??is a complete single motor, plug and play EV Conversion System that transforms the weekend driver into a daily driver sports car. Replacing the temperamental 4 cylinder with a modern EV power plant enhances the drivability of the factory drivetrain. This modest plug and play system compliments the 124 platform perfectly, with real world performance roughly equivalent to double the horsepower OEM ICE engine. With a range of about 3 miles per kWh, range is roughly 75 miles per charge, extendable by intermittent daily charging.

The under hood presentation is compact and upholds the image of Electric GT designs. All controllers, chargers and accessories are integrated directly into the system. In addition to the core motor, controller and battery module, motor mounts, transmission adapters, instrumentation, all required hardware, and plug and play wiring harnesses are included making for an easy installation. EGT builds and bench tests all systems prior to shipment. Just remove the old 4 banger, gas tank, exhaust and radiator, and bolt in the GTe-173 and you’re ready to drive.??

Welcome to the future of motoring!


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