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  CNBC Shift Video here. and full article here.   Anyone who stands within earshot of a Ferrari will notice the earth-shattering engine noise. But Eric Hutchison is changing that reality by introducing the world’s first fully electric, and fully silent, converted 78 Ferrari. “The option to get classic cars that are electric [doesn’t] exist,” 47-year-old…

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White House Announces National Highway EV Support

The White House announced a sweeping plan to expand the number of charging stations for electric vehicles in the United States today, as first reported by Reuters. The Obama administration detailed how it will establish 48 new “charging corridors” that span nearly 25,000 miles of major highways across 35 states. EV charging stations will be…

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Audi Quits La Mans favoring ELECTRIC FUTURE!

Audi will end its involvement in the prestigious Le Mans sports car race next year after almost two decades to focus on racing electric cars, symbolizing a shift in strategy as parent company Volkswagen battles to recover from an emissions scandal. Audi, which is seeking to boost the share of zero-emission vehicles to at least…

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1978 Ferrari 308 GTS Goes to Auction – Gas

Follow this Auction on Bring a Trailer here. This 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS is a largely original example with just over 77k miles that is powered by its factory 2.9L V8 with four twin-choke Weber 40DCNF carburetors. The seller purchased the car in 2014 from a San Diego Ferrari enthusiast who acquired it from the…

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Ferrari’s CEO Sergio Marchionne once said that a Ferrari without an internal combustion engine would be “an obscene concept”.  An American friend of a friend of MotorPunk thinks he knows better. His story starts with a fire-damaged 1978 Ferrari 308GTS. This one, in fact; Trim bits for classic Ferraris are painfully expensive. So our colonial…

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1964 Electric Bug

Custom 1964 VW E-Rat Rod VW Type 1 Bug is available from Electric GT. Check out the bug at The Samba HERE, Limited sale opportunity to get a whole car for less that a kit price!!! One of a kind just completed project and it features advanced electric car designs. It is a RAW look combined with the…


Our friends at EV Performance tossed a ringer into UK recently and it elicited quiet a discussion among the UK automotive chaps! What a great public engagement on their Facebook page here which really shows the polarizing nature of the automotive paradigm swing. Check out the original Article  here.   So is a 1980…

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CNBC "SHIFT" Series Filming Electric GT

CNBC “SHIFT” Series Filming Electric GT: In conjunction with Jay Lenos Garage, this new Series will come out in 16 episodes online over the next 4 months. Watch for an episode covering Electric GT’s Electric Ferrari (driving) and Electric Spider (fabrication). There are a couple episodes here and more to come. Here are some cool shots from…

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EV Performance UK

Spring is here and we’re roofless in a Seventies Ferrari, tearing up a mountain road just north of San Diego in the warm sunshine. The car? A Magnum Pi-spec red 308 GTS – most petrolheads’ idea of heaven. The soundtrack? A mixtape of nothing but pure rock ‘n’ roll from the era, and that booming V8 sountrack,…

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Laguna Seca Re-Fuel Races 2016 ReCap

Laguna Seca Re-Fuel Race hosted by Speed Ventures ReFuel Electric Car Races   was a fantastic event. The Electric Ferrari ran really well and placed third in the Converted car category with a respectable time considering amateur driving status! Check out the results here.    The suspension demonstrated the outstanding performance of this car as upgraded. It…

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Wired Magazine Drives the Electric GTE at Google

ELECTRIC CARS HAVE a lot of promise. They’re quick, quiet, and clean, but Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne isn’t convinced. “It’s an almost obscene concept,” he told journalists at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show. If that wasn’t clear enough, he added “you’d have to shoot me first.” But you can’t stop progress, and Electric GT has taken matters into its…

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The converted electric Ferrari Visits Googleplex And Tesla HQ

The converted Ferrari 308 GT took to Silicon Valley today and turned some heads on the roads and in the parking lots of both Google and Tesla. We snapped a few quick photos to share with the amazing Electric GT community and wanted to share them below! We’ll be at Laguna Seca this weekend for…

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BRG – Company in the USA creates an electric 308

Despite the increasing popularity of Tesla, and despite the fact that even luxury automakers like BMW and Porsche have warmed up to the idea of EVs, and many people now use electric cars and even get lithium battery generator for charging the cars. Ferrari remains principally opposed to the idea. Not too long ago, Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne…

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Converted electric 78 308 smokes its gas-powered parent

“With nearly double the torque of the original engine, the electric motors are no contest for even the finest tuned Weber carburetors,” said Hutchison. “Technology changes, and we are now in a time when an electric SUV is faster than a Ferrari sports car” Justin Herrmann of Strategic Racing Designs also assisted on the project….

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CarScoops Features Ferrari Transformation & Recycling

CarScoops features electric Ferrari transformation and recycling effort. Despite being a Ferrari robbed of its soundtrack, this build is a prime example of recycling done right. And if you have second thoughts on it, just remind yourself that this beautiful car would otherwise be crashed or even sit in a graveyard forever alone and abandoned. See…

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