1961-1984 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series - Electric GT

Quick Specs

1961-1984 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series


Torque: 406 ft/lbs

Power: 275 hp

Max RPM: ~6500rpm

Performance: Feels like 400 hp traditional V8

System Voltage: 540 VDC nominal

Maximum Amperage: 1300 amps

Battery Capacity: 50-70 kWh base

Estimated Range: ~2 miles per kWh (depending on application)

Charger: 12kW Charger Included

?ۢ Charging Time: 6.6kW per hour

DC Converter: Fully isolated 1000 watt sealed IP67 rated (upgradable)

Regenerative Braking: Included and preprogrammed

Clutch Assembly: Lightened billet flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, and motor adapter are included for use with factory clutch assembly, compatible with J30, H41, H42 and H55F OE Transmissions NOTE: upon request can be made compatible with NV4500 and Muncie SM420/SM465 Transmissions

Maintains existing drive train: maintains existing drive shafts, t case

12V Electrical: Seamless integration with existing 12v electrical system

Weight Distribution: Base E-Crate “Motor Block” is appx 500lbs and aft Energy Module is appx 385lbs.


HVAC System

Power Steering: Electric Hydraulic or Full Electric

Vacuum Boosted Brakes: Electric Vacuum System

DC Fast Charging

1961-1984 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series


FJ40 Land Cruisers will never go out of style, and as a rule are one of the most robust and reliable vehicles ever made! That being said, the factory F and 2F straight six engines are underpowered and inefficient with parts that are expensive and scarce. A GM V8 swap is always a great option, but is already the engine update of the past. If you have ever dreamt of being able to daily drive you FJ40 without the hassle of keeping an archaic ICE engine running? The dream can be a reality with a plug and play EV swap from Electric GT. This is the real deal, folks.

The GTe-253 Universal Plug and Play System is our complete, dual motor EV Conversion System. This modest 153hp, 250ft/lbs of Torque system gives real performance roughly equivalent to 250-275 horsepower ICE engine. The under hood the footprint is roughly that of a traditional V8, with all controllers, chargers and accessories right there under the hood.

The base system includes 50kWh base energy all battery management systems and controllers included. Regenernative braking is also built into system! What sets this system apart from our Universal Plug and Play system is that all GTe-253 to transmission adapters, motor and transmission mounts!

It literally drops right in, and is compatible with all Land Cruiser J30, H41, H42 and H55F Land Cruiser transmissions. ??Factory pedals, clutch components and transfer case are all retained, keeping the bomb proof drivetrain that make the Land Cruiser famous in place. Also included are additional EV instrumentation, as well as provisions to connect the factory gauge cluster and 12v systems. The system itself is bench tested prior to shipment and ready to run. Installation easier than a v8 swap, with no special high voltage or fabrication skills needed. Power steering and brakes, HVAC and vacuum pumps for factory brake boosters and transfer case operation are also available!

Welcome to the future of Land Cruising!

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