313 e-Crate System - Electric GT

313 e-Crate System


Pre-Orders Available – Deliveries Starting Mid 2021

The eGT-313 vehicle eco-system swap is Electric GT’s mid size vehicle fitment solution. This complete Plug & Play system will redefines EV retrofitting by enabling installation and use of this OEM quality system without specific high voltage assembly knowledge. Featuring the latest in EV technology, the system transforms a wide variety of classic vehicles into reliable performance daily drivers. The “Motor Block”  integrates OXD Battery (batteries included), electric traction motor, motor controller, chargers, DC converters, complete thermal management and high voltage junction box ALL inside of the assembly.  The 313 block pairs with additional battery enclosures with various designs for vehicles with ease of installation and distribution of weight at the design core.

This system is available with a variety of energy OXD Battery Pack size options to accommodate a variety of vehicle types and and uses. Modular designed Battery Enclosures offer flexibility for application & fitment. All requisite EV infrastructure and components are included in a bench tested pre-build system ready to be installed and driven.  Option include HVAC Integration, DC Fast Charging, Thermal Management (Cold Climate), Power Steering and Braking systems.

The eGT-313 System is designed to use with a wide variety of vehicles. Some Samples are:

• Jeep Scramblers
• Classic Ford Mustang & Bronco
• Toyota Land Cruiser 40 and 70 series
• Mercedes SL, BMW 2002
• Multiple Mid Size vehicles

Base Cost: $49,000 USD starting with 35.5kWh OX Drive Battery.



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Quick Specs

• Torque: 279 ft/lbs
• ePower: 150 hp
• Max RPM: 10,000 rpm (Direct Drive)
• Size/Performance: “Flat 6 Cylinder”
• System Voltage: 400v
• Battery Config Options @: 35 to 95 kWh
• Motor/Controller: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. Liquid Cooled.
• On-Board Charger (Level 2): 6.6 – 13 kW
• DC Converter: Fully isolated 2.5-5,000 watt 12v DC supply to 12 v
• Regenerative Braking: Included / Programmable
• Central System VCU, BMS & Thermal Management
• Weight Distribution: Subject to Battery & Application

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