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Billet Adapter Plate (Build-To-Order)


By now, you might be thinking, “Ok, this EV stuff is great, but how to I go about adapting it to my vehicle?” Let Electric GT solve this problem for you! Electric GT will design and deliver a custom tailored billet adapter that will mate a single motor EV conversion YOUR manual transmission using a custom adapter??specifically designed for EV conversions. This is by far the easiest way to bolt Netgain Hyper9 or HPEVs AC series motors to any number of manual transmissions.

The basic concept should be familiar to any gear head- the adapter will couple the electric motor to your manual transmission’s bell housing, with the only real difference is that there are no access points for the flywheel or place for the starter.

You can use one of these adapters along with the flywheel or pressure plate of your choice, or can be combined with a GTe-Clutch system for maximum performance out of your EV swap!


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Quick Specs

Things to keep in mind:

  • Electric GT will request your bell housing (if not on digital file) to design a custom adapter
  • Electric GT will contact you after your order is placed to verify details
  • Compatible with Netgain Hyper9 and HPEVS AC series motors
  • Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery
  • Electric GT will ship your bell housing back to you along with your new adapter and required hardware
  • GTe-Clutch & Flywheel Assembly is recommended. OEM Clutch assembly use possible with proper motor to FW adapter.

More questions? Feel free to reach email us at for any questions about adapting and EV system to your vehicle’s manual transmission.

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