ELCON 1kW DC-DC Converter - Electric GT

Quick Specs


?ۢ Nominal Voltage: DC72V, DC96V, DC144V

?ۢ Nominal Current: 14A, 10.5A, 7A

?ۢ Input Voltage Range: 50-100V, 64-133V, 100-200V

?ۢ Protection Point of 50V?2%, 64V?2%, 100V?2%

?ۢ Protection Point of over Voltage: 100V?2%, 133V?2%, 208V?2%

?ۢ Max Input Voltage: ??_100V, ??_150V, ??_250V,

?ۢ Inrush Starting Current: ??_15A Output

?ۢ Output Voltage: 13.8V?1% @ 12V

?ۢ Nominal Current: 70A?5% @ 12V

?ۢ Nominal DC Output Power: 1000W

?ۢ Max Efficiency: ??92%

?ۢ Output Voltage Instantaneous: ??_50ms

?ۢ Voltage Regulation: 0.5%

?ۢ Load Regulation: ??_1%

?ۢ Steady Voltage Accuracy: ??_1%

?ۢ Steady Current Accuracy: ??_5%

?ۢ Current Leaking of Output Terminal: 2.2mA?1mA

?ۢ Output Ripple: ??_500mV

?ۢ Output Over Voltage Protection: 16V?1V@12V Output


?ۢ Working Temp: -30~60 ?C

?ۢ Environment Storage Temp: -45~105?C

?ۢ Temperature Moisture of Working: 5%~95% Non-condensing

?ۢ Protection Level: GB4208-2008 IP66

?ۢ Voltage Resistance Input: 2000V DC to shell

?ۢ Noise: 80%-90%,??2M? Distance in 1.5m,Noisy??_50dB

?ۢ Electromagnetic Compatibility: DC / DC electromagnetic compatibility meet

?ۢ Reliability requirements: MTBF 150000 H of GB

ELCON 1kW DC-DC Converter



This 1000W DC-DC Converter allows you to supply low voltage to the 12V or 24V????factory electrical system in your EV converted vehicle. The output terminal can connects directly to 12V/24V battery and will manage the charging process of the 12v accessory battery automatically. Fully sealed potting makes this unit water and dust proof, high temperature resistance, high vibration resistance, and fully isolated.????


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