ZEVA Battery Management System (BMS) - Electric GT

ZEVA Battery Management System (BMS)


Introducing Version 3 of ZEVA’s successful Electric Vehicle Management System (EVMS), performing a wide range of common functions for electric vehicles and stationary battery systems including:

  • BMS master control: Communicates with BMS modules over CAN bus and takes action if any cells go out of safe voltage or temperature range.
  • Instrumentation such as battery pack voltage, instantaneous current, battery state of charge.
  • Optional staged precharging: Soft-start your motor controller, including error detection in cases of wiring or controller faults.
  • Contactor control: Management of auxiliary contactors to allow pack break-up when not driving or charging.
  • Temperature sensor input: For monitoring your motor temperature
  • Analog gauge outputs: Use your OEM fuel gauge to display battery SoC, your tachometer to display instantaneous amps, and your temp gauge to display motor temperature
  • Stationary mode, offering behaviour better suited to stationary and off-grid battery systems.
  • CAN integration with TC, Elcon, Ovartech and Enphase chargers (any supporting TC’s CAN protocol) allowing the EVMS to control charger voltage and current, start/stop the charger based on BMS status, and view charger data on an EVMS Monitor.

The EVMS can also detect and warn of a variety of errors:

  • Monitors traction circuit isolation integrity to detect insulation faults
  • Overcurrent warning and shutdown (digital fuse)
  • BMS warning for cells outside safe voltage and temperature
  • Monitors auxiliary switches on contactors to detect if seized
  • Monitor 12V supply/battery with adjustable low voltage warning
  • Low battery SoC warning
  • Over-temperature



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Quick Specs

ZEVA’s EVMS developed to address the need for safer, more reliable and better integrated EV conversions. It combines many common functions and a range of fault detection, providing warnings of operating errors and automatically responding to serious faults.

Each ZEVA EVMS Features:

?ۢ Instrumentation including voltage, current, power, battery charge, temperature, andisolation integrity.

?ۢ Battery management via 12-cell BMS modules (aka ???BMS12?۝), including cell voltage and temperature monitoring with automatic response to under/over-charged batteries, and automatic pack balancing.

?ۢ Analog gauge outputs to re-use OEM fuel gauge, temp gauge and tachometer.

?ۢ Contactor control for management of auxiliary contactors, allowing battery pack break-up and isolation for safety when vehicle is not in use.

?ۢ Optional 2-stage precharger with fault detection for soft-starting motor controllers

?ۢ Detection of many different operating errors/warnings.

?ۢ A complete installation consists of an EVMS, usually installed in the vehicle?۪s engine bay, communicating over CAN bus with a Monitor module in the vehicle cabin, and a current sensor and battery management modules located within your battery boxes. The CAN bus may also include up to three TC Chargers

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