HPEVS AC34/35 Electric Motor System - Electric GT

HPEVS AC34/35 Electric Motor System


HPEVs’s AC34/35 single motor kits are a great choice for the enthusiast who wants to build their own EV system from components for vehicles under 3500lbs. These systems are easy to work with and are a tried and true choice for the EV Enthusiast!

The AC35 producing 63 horsepower at 2900 RPM while delivering 129 ft-lbs.

The AC34 motor was designed to extend the “knee” out further into the RPM range. So, while you will see a slight decrease in torque you will see max performance extend further into the RPM range with an increase in horsepower.

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Quick Specs

AC34 System with 72-96v 650a Controller
• Torque: 106 ft/lbs
• Power: 65 hp
• Max RPM: 6,500 RPM
• Max Input Voltage: 130vdc
• Maximum Amperage: 650 amps

AC35 System with 96-144v 500a Controller
• Torque: 129 ft/lbs
• Power: 63 hp
• Max RPM: 6,500 RPM
• Max Input Voltage: 170 VDC
• Maximum Amperage: 500 amps

AC34/AC35 Mechanical Dimensions

• Bolt Pattern: 3/8-16 THREAD 8.4″ B.C.X4
• Output: 1.125 Diameter SHAFT with .250″ KEYWAY, 4” mating bore
• Overall Dimensions: 8.98” diameter x 13.798” long
• Weight: 52 lbs

Curtis 1238/1239 Controller
• Bolt Pattern: 10.040″ X 8.345″
• External Dimensions: 10.830″ L X 9.135″ W X 3.376″ H

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