Tesla Model S 5 kWh Modules, Pick-Up Only – Electric GT

Quick Specs

• Cell Module/Board Parameters
• Cell Voltage: MIN 3.3V, NOMINAL 3.7V, MAX 4.2V
• Module Voltage: MIN 19.8V, NOMINAL 22.8V, MAX 25.2V
• Module Amp Hours: 232Ah
• Module Watt Hours: 5000Wh
• Operating Temperature: -25ºC to 60ºC
• Storage Temperate: -40ºC to 70ºC
• Max Cont. Discharge Curr.: NOMINAL 240 Amps, MAX 500 Amps
• Weight : 55 lbs

Tesla Model S 5 kWh Modules, Pick-Up Only



Electric GT has an ample supply of 5.3kWH Tesla Model S/X Energy Modules. All modules are all subject to stringent standards and are provided are warranted to be in excellent condition.

Shipping is additional quote per destination and quantity. For Tesla Model S modules prepared for shipping, click here.


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