HPEVS Dual AC34/35 Electric Motor - Electric GT

HPEVS Dual AC34/35 Electric Motor


HPEVs’s Dual AC34/35 motor kits are a great choice for the enthusiast who wants to build their own EV system from components for vehicles under 3500lbs who want a little extra oomph than a single motor AC system provides at a competitive price. These systems are easy to work with and are a tried and true choice for the EV Enthusiast! The design of the motor is as such that there are two rotors on one common shaft. The frame of this motor includes the two stators which combined with the rotor shaft and the remaining parts, the result is a really nice motor package. The motor will have approximately double the torque and horsepower that the single AC-34 and AC-35 motor has now.

The AC35 producing 126 horsepower at 2900 RPM while delivering 258 ft-lbs.

The AC34 motor was designed to extend the “knee” out further into the RPM range. So, while you will see a slight decrease in torque you will see max performance extend further into the RPM range with an increase in horsepower.


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Quick Specs

Dual AC34 System with 72-96v 650a Controller
• Torque: 213 ft/lbs
• Power: 130 hp
• Max RPM: 6,500 RPM
• Max Input Voltage: 130vdc
• Maximum Amperage: 650 amps

Dual AC35 System with 96-144v 500a Controller
• Torque: 258 ft/lbs
• Power: 126 hp
• Max RPM: 6,500 RPM
• Max Input Voltage: 170 VDC
• Maximum Amperage: 500 amps

AC34/AC35 Mechanical Dimensions

• Bolt Pattern: 3/8-16 THREAD 8.4″ B.C.X4
• Output: 1.125 Diameter SHAFT with .250″ KEYWAY, 4” mating bore
• Overall Dimensions: 8.98” diameter x 19.80” long
• Weight: 150 lbs

Curtis 1238/1239 Controller
• Bolt Pattern: 10.040″ X 8.345″
• External Dimensions: 10.830″ L X 9.135″ W X 3.376″ H

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