Quick Specs

• Torque: 173 ft/lbs
• Power: 120 hp
• Max RPM: ~6500rpm
• Performance: equivalent to apps. 200 horsepower ICE motor
• System Voltage: 100-126 VDC
• Maximum Amperage: 750 amps
• Battery Capacity: 25 & 35kWh options
• Estimated Range: ~3 miles per kWh (depending on application)
• Charger: 3.3kW (upgradable to 6.6kW)
• Charging Rate: 3.3kW per hour (7-10 hours full charge)
• DC Converter: Fully isolated 1000 watt sealed IP67 rated (upgradeable)
• HVAC options available
• Regenerative brake included and preprogrammed
• Power Steering options available for OE hydraulic power steering systems, as well as full electric conversions
• Electric vacuum pump kit included vacuum brake boosters
• GTe-clutch assembly available; adapter, billet flywheel, custom clutch and stage II pressure plate available

GTe-173 E-Crate System



GTe-173 Universal Plug and Play EV System is our complete single motor EV Conversion System. This modest 120hp, 173ft/lbs of torque system is a good fit for a variety of compact classic vehicles under 3500lbs with performance equivalent to a 200 or less horsepower ICE engine. Subject to application, driving conditions and energy module, a range of approximately 70-150 miles can be expected.

The under hood the footprint is compact and integrates controller, charger and accessories for a clean installation. The system is available in a 96v/25kWh configuration, and a 144v/35kWh configuration. 

EGT technical support is limited to the provided system. Installation is the responsibility of the installer unless pre-fitted by Electric GT to a specific vehicle. 


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